Tidal Flows: Reliable /Predictable Clean Energy Year Round!

Kindly view our video created by Professor Paula Durette and her students from the Department of Art &      Design at California State University, Fresno.   For cell access a password may be needed.  HCS17fs  

Water Piston Technology to Extract Energy from Low Speed Water Flows


We are all aware of climate change, as well as the many amazing advancements in technology to address it. We are now in a cycle where one drives the other.   We need environmentally sound, sustainable clean energy resources to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

This is the mission of HCS.

Our technology enables energy conversion:


 From ultra low head hydro, such as in rivers, canals, and tidal flows, unlocking the potential of our largest naturally available clean energy resources 


 With minimal infrastructure for a near zero head requirement which lowers costs, simplifies deployment, and offers unlimited upscaling


 To provide predictable and reliable clean energy, day or night 


Sustainably, with minimal impact to the environment 


 By a method ecologically safe for marine wildlife, using a proprietary non-turbine technology