Hyper-Chute Systems:
A Patented Water Piston Technology

Our Mission

  • Enable low cost, sustainable energy conversion from perpetual clean energy resources.
  • Partner with larger entities for rapid development and expansion.
  • Spark new innovation in drag technology.
  • Present a global front in the fight against climate change.

Horse-Power from low speed water flows

The resources we need surround us.


It is well documented that Terawatts of reliable and predictable clean energy exist globally in the form of 

rivers, canals, and tidal flows.

90% of hydro-power is out of reach for today's turbine technologies.


Hydro-static head requirements of hydro-power turbines limit all of us to a tiny portion of virtually untapped global resources.

People are actively chasing the energy in low speed water flows.


 There are many attempts targeting ultra low-head hydro, most are still trying with turbine style technologies.

Breaking the paradigm.


Parachutes can create extreme pull forces.  Marine parachutes, known as sea-anchors, can create thousands of pounds of drag from low speed water flows. 

Drag vs. Lift:


  Re-purposing and combining other proven technologies to create a revolutionary method of energy conversion. 

Volume vs. Velocity


 Our low cost water piston technology is capable of converting naturally occurring water flows into horse-power.